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The valve stem is a tube made up of metal or rubber, wherein doctor tire is inflated, with a check valve, customarily a Schrader valve on automobiles and most bicycle tires, or a Presta valve on high performance bicycles. Valve stems usually protrude through doctor wheel for easy access. They mount directly scientific doctor rim, in doctor case of tubeless tires, or are an indispensable a part of doctor inner tube. The rubber in valve stems at last degrades, and, in doctor case of tubeless tires, alternative of doctor valve stem at consistent intervals or with tire alternative reduces doctor chance of failure. Bias tire or cross ply creation utilizes body ply cords that extend diagonally from bead medical bead, generally at angles in doctor range of 30 clinical 40 levels, with successive plies laid at opposing angles forming a crisscross pattern clinical which doctor tread is utilized. The design allows doctor entire tire body clinical flex easily, providing doctor main capabilities of scientific help creation, a smooth ride on rough surfaces. Thank you. Im thinking of starting up a blog again. I used scientific blog a lot and loved each piece of it. Then life took place, and I never got back ever since. Its been around 2 3 years now. Though I did a lot of copywriting work since then.